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tv   Today  NBC  February 23, 2012 2:05am-3:05am EST

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e old okay is there a woman i can talk to? [ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>llo, everybody. hoda and i are so happy you're here with us. it's february 22, it's wednesday winesday. also around here and the rest of the world, it's ash wednesday. >> it is. the day after mardi gras. >> and the beginning of lent. very special day for many people in the christian faith. and only in america could this happen. it's ash wednesday, but it's also national margarita day. ♪
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>> doctor in the house. >> thank you, darrell robinson. >> what makes these unique? >> this is a pomegranate margarita. >> pomegranate means it's also good for your sex life. >> you know, we don't really want to say that, but i'll let you say it. >> that's what i've heard. >> by the way, there's a show called "drink up." >> "drink up." on the cooking channel. >> which some people have suggested should be the title of our show. i did not know this. the original margarita was invented in 1948. >> wow. >> in acapulco by a socialite. i'll bet she was a lot of fun. >> and her name was? >> margarita sain. >> the original was little simple. just lime juice, agave and tequila. three simple ingredients. >> that's what we're having now. >> agave, pomegranate, salt on one side. >> why the colored salt? people are getting weird. >> it's national margarita day! >> i know, but it gets your
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tongue green, gets your teeth green. >> that's why i left one side unsalted. >> that's lovely of you. >> and we want to wish you all the best. >> happy margarita day. >> happy national margarita day. >> thanks for coming to see us. >> thanks for having me. >> thanks, darrell. >> so yesterday, the president of the united states sang again. and this was one of those -- if you guys saw it, this is one of those full-court press kind of things. it was b.b. king. >> it was blues night at the white house. >> mick jagger. >> celebrating black history month. >> sure. and they were saying -- and you'll see, they were sort of egging him on. they said to the president, look, you do it for al green. >> he let the genie out of the bag when he showed how well he can sing. >> let's watch this. ♪ ♪ come on ♪ baby don't you want to go
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♪ come on baby don't you want to go ♪ ♪ same old place ♪ sweet home chicago >> he has really got it. he'll have a new career after the white house, i think. i don't think b.b. king's going to let him open for him, though. that wouldn't happen. >> he's got pipes. he's got some pipes. >> you know what we didn't realize yesterday. we want to apologize to anybody that we offended. we certainly didn't mean to. when we were talking about people that still have their lights up and christmas trees. we heard from quite a few people that said, you know what? we do that out of love and respect and in longing for our loved ones overseas who are serving in the armed forces. we had absolutely no idea. >> we didn't know that. >> so they keep the light shining for them, and i think that's awesome. >> yeah, a lot of people responded on our facebook page that that's why they leave their lights on. >> knowing that, i might turn mine back on. thanks, everybody, for letting us know that.
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>> if you didn't already fall in love with adele, you probably did at the grammys. she won all the awards, she swept, she's great. anyway, so there's sort of, i guess, the british equivalent of the grammys in britain. and she was getting her award, i think it was last night. and she was giving her acceptance speech. it was weird because in the middle of her speech, she got cut off. and then she decided to -- >> let them know how she felt about getting cut off. >> coming to the brits and winning album of the year. i'm so, so proud to be british and to be flying our flag, and i'm so proud to be in the room with all of you. >> at that point, at that point, this guy comes up. and he says to her, i'm terribly sorry, but i'm going to have to cut you off. and what you see, kind of fuzzy in the corner, is her giving -- letting everyone know who's number one. >> she didn't do it to her fans, she says.
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really? really? >> she said it was for the suit. >> the suit. >> the suit who cut her off. >> apparently somebody ahead of her -- and this is why you shouldn't do this -- had taken way too long and had not left enough time for her, which was the final one of the evening. you know, you can understand it, but it's still unfortunate. you know what else is unfortunate? >> oh, no, no. all right. sheila hershey, shayla hershey. we've shown you pictures before. this is one from her facebook page. anyhoo. >> i bet she's fun at cocktail parties. >> she does hold the guinness book of world records for the biggest breasts. she's got 38kkks. and she actually wants to go to ms. >> it took her 13 years and 22 surgeries to get there. why not just do it all in one fell swoop? i don't understand. maybe your skin can't stretch that much initially. it has to -- you know? >> gradual.
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>> yeah. >> anyway. >> i don't know. >> she's on one of those tlc reality shows that's called "my strange addiction." it says she has more surgeries to increase her breasts to an "m," but she had a staph infection. she had to go back to the "ks" and not the "ms." it's very complicated. >> here's the sad part of it. you know what? she's obviously screaming for attention. you know, that will get them. that will get you some attention. but the sad part is that now she can no longer tie her own shoes, we understand. hoda, it's not funny. it's tragic. stop it. and this is the worst, she can't even hug her daughter. arms just don't go that -- they can't make room for another human being in there. so, you know, i mean, you know, i think it's -- she's addicted, definitely, to it. but there's, you know, if you take those breasts away from her, it doesn't feel like she has any value at all. and it's a terrible role model for young girls. >> i'm sorry. anyway. i feel bad.
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>> no, you don't. nobody believes you. >> i don't want what to say about it. anyhoo. here's the thing. a lot of people do want cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery. >> they want a face-lift. >> they want a face-lift. all of these starlets in their 20s that are gorgeous, they say, i'm never going to do anything. the first -- ah! they run to the botox. >> right. so there's a new study out that says if you do plastic surgery, a face-lift -- >> right. >> -- the full-on face-lift, if you're wondering how many years that would take off, let's say you did it when you were 55 or 60. >> like i should have. >> they say it cuts off 7.2 years off of your looks. if you think you're going to look 10 or 15 years younger, you're really only look like you did seven years before. >> which i guess for some people it's worth the price and the pain and suffering and the recuperation. but i think a lot of people go in thinking i'm going to look 20 again. >> yeah. >> and the trouble is, once you start there, then you've got to -- you can't even go out and take the hair out of your face without giving yourself away
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because your hands don't look eight years younger or 20 years younger. so you've got to do all of yourself. then you spend most of your life recuperating from a surgery. and nobody knows you anymore. and it's bizarre. >> yeah. a friend of mine said before you go in for plastic surgery, if you want plastic surgery or a lift or something -- >> and we're not putting anybody down who wants it. >> before you do it, they said if you can, take a week, if you can, and just rest. rest, sleep, go on a teeny vacation, then come back. because often when you feel wiped out, you're exhausted, you feel run down, i need to do this now. when you're on your best day to see if you really feel like you need it. >> or i'm telling you, these fillers these days are so good, you can look ten years younger just with fillers if they're done properly. just don't get 20 years worth at the same time. >> and it's hard to get lifts at all because if you do anything to your lips, it's so noticeable. that's the one thing. >> i know, i know. go to somebody who really knows -- find somebody, a friend, who
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looks fantastic and ask her, or him, who did it and go to that person who's reputable. not everybody can go to my precious -- >> dr. wexler. >> dr. wexler. she's just not available for everyone. she's very busy. >> i'm not going to, like -- >> every other week. >> how weird. i don't like this story so you'll have to do it. i know i'm not going to like it. i don't even know what it is. >> apparently neither one have seen this, our facebook friend, michelle, saw this ad and posted it on our wall saying it made her think of hoda and how she loves our show. >> before and after what? is that a shampoo? >> oh, hair. the little lioness had her hair done. i can't imagine why she thinks that. that's sweet, though, hoda. >> we also want to thank our fan of the week. sometimes we send our fans to great, exotic locations. >> almost every time, yes. there was just that one unfortunate trip. >> a wonderful guy named john
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posted this thank-you picture. he said he had a lot of fun. >> abaco beach resort. you know what? that is so sweet. >> in the bahamas. he had some fun there. >> good. >> excellent. all right. so we are doing an '80s show on friday. okay? so do you remember what you looked like in the '80s? take a picture. get one of the pictures and send them to us on our website because which want pictures of you with that '80s hair, the shoulder pads. remember? >> we were talking about doing this show, i couldn't remember the '80s. it wasn't for the reasons you might think. i was so busy, i had just moved from california to new york. i was working on another show. and then regis and i met frank. >> boom, boom, boom. >> i couldn't remember. >> the '80s at all. >> no. i would mention a song, and i wouldn't know what decade it came from. >> yep. >> you know, or a movie. i said, well, i love that movie. they said, well, that was in the '60s. really? >> the '80s was a weird decade,
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madonna, michael jackson, that kind of musical -- >> so we're going to go down memory lane. >> yes, we are. >> on friday. >> we're also going to do an ambush makeover. if you feel like you're stuck in the '80s, you're going to get made over. i don't know what oels. >> it's going to be fun. send those in. sara's got a new batch of photos that will make you say, what the -- >> william shatner is here. be afraid. be very afraid. he's going to let us into his wacky, wonderful world. and that's right after this.
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william shatner has boldly gone just about everywhere in his amazing career from starring in films, television series and commercials to writing best-sellers and making music, not to mention the horses. >> at 80, william has taken on yet another project bringing him back to broadway after a 50-year hiatus. his one-man show is appropriately entitled "shatner's world, we just live
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in it." hello. >> and we knew it was going to be fun when you get here. >> i was so anxious to see you. i am so ready. >> you're jazzed, aren't you? >> well, i am jazzed about the show. i'm jazzed about you coming to see it. because it's a one-man show. and how do you talk about a one-man show based on dramatic, fun-loving -- >> you've had such an incredible life and career. >> but how do i say, come see, i'm so wonderful. >> you are. >> but other people have told us that. we were out of town last week. you just opened. >> yeah. >> you had stomach flu on your opening night. >> the night before -- the night before i got sick. >> and you have no understudy for your show. >> right. now i've got the flu. and what do you do? so what you do, and it's part of what i talk about in the show, is like you say, okay, this is great! i'm opening in the show that i'm obsessed with for a year and i've got the flu, that's great!
2:22 am
i'm going to joifr come -- overcome the flu, as well. >> exactly. did you incorporate it? >> well, in a way. before and after. >> but there was no barfing on anybody in the front row. >> during, i didn't incorporate it. >> do you take people through the whole kit and caboodle, through "star trek"? >> i talk about love, i talk about music, i talk about death, i talk about -- >> horses? >> horses. i talk about a horse. i talk about the love of horses. i talk about the death of a horse. i talk about the joy of horses. i talk about music. i talk about the beginning. >> and you sing at the end. >> and at the end -- >> a song that was written for you. >> brad paisley wrote a song for me. and he's coming -- i can't tell you exactly when, but he will come to one of the shows and help me sing his song. >> beautiful. >> give us a line or two of it. can you sing a line or two of it? >> sorry to disappoint you, but i'm real. >> that's a lyric from it. that wasn't exactly singing. >> that's how he would sing it. >> that's singing.
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what else would you -- you want me to sustain a note? are you crazy? >> you did an album. come on, you did a cd. >> i've done more than one just like that. >> how much "star trek" is in it? >> about 15 minutes. >> and what do you say about that? >> there's nothing much to say about the filming of "star trek," but there were things that happened before and after, for example, nasa in "star trek" became sort of a partner. a symbiotic partner. and i talk about that. i talk about what happened after "star trek" when i was broke. and i'm lying in a field in a camper shell watching a man on the moon, watching astronauts whom i had met and said, i'll see you on the moon. and he's walking on the moon, and i need the money. >> why were you broke? >> i was divorced and took all the money and everything i had earned. and there i was trying to make a few bucks. >> you came back, though. you came back. >> you sure did.
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>> strong, baby. >> yeah! with the flu. but i'm better now. >> we were a little worried when we saw that last priceline commercial. >> i know, i died. >> what happened? >> talk about being killed off. >> they want you to know that there are prices that are really low that, in addition to what you can bid -- >> there you go. >> what happened? >> the negotiator. i get one of the big laughs from the show, doing something about the negotiator. >> you know, i've known you for a gazillion years. one thing i've never, ever, ever told you. >> please. >> you were one of my first major, major crushes in "star trek." >> why didn't you tell me? >> i was 4. you know, whatever. >> age -- age -- >> is no longer a barrier. but there was one thing that was a turn-off, i've got to tell you. >> age is a barrier. age has become a barrier. >> there was one thing that was a turn-off, but it wasn't just you. it was everybody.
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you all wore the pants. you looked like you were expecting a flood. it wasn't the most flattering bell bottoms. >> you never knew when the sewage department -- you had to have those things up there. i know, those funny little pants and tight little shirts. >> by the way, you looked amazing. are they in the smithsonian, your pants? >> am i in the smithsonian with my parents? i am. >> no, your pants. >> are my pants in the smithsonian? oh, yeah, tight little pants. >> cute. >> every so often i try and fit into them. >> you do it to me. >> did you see that lady with the triple -- could you believe that? >> you know, is that coco? because i think you should name co and co. right? isn't that her name? >> thank you. >> there she is. sharing the stage with william shatner on broadway. >> you can catch william shatner in "shatner's world" here in new york. it's at the music box theater through march 4th.
2:26 am
>> is there a chance it can be extended? >> what? >> that's it. that's it. >> no, no. i'm going on tour. 15-city tour. the audience will see me in a city that they're at. come and see me. >> in a theater near you. great to see you. up next, the photo lineups that will make you say, what the what? then later, who knew and test your oscar knowledge. but first these messages. ♪ februany any 5
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♪ everybody have fun tonight we are back with our picture-perfect segment we call "what the what?" she has laughed her way through the photo shoots. it's crazy. and she's here with the week's top picks. >> stop. that's right. we had plenty to choose from. so let's get to it. take a look at the first photo from norman lippert who lives in new buffalo, michigan. >> valparaiso vasectomy. >> it's a deal. it's a two-fer. you don't want to leave one out.
2:31 am
>> that's precious. >> photo two comes from heidi in portland, oregon. if you didn't take the deal from the previous photo, here's another little warning. before pregnancy, it could cause pregnancy. >> wow. you know what? that's true. >> you're going to want to speak about that. a couple glasses and we could all -- never mind. next up, allen martin from burlingame, california, submitted this photo of a urinal. >> drinking fountain out of order. well, dogs. dogs, you know. >> yeah, but that was taken in a winery's bathroom. >> somebody has a sense of humor. >> a couple glasses and maybe that looks like a water mountain. >> they've been to napa valley. >> this is from bobby newell in new mexico. i know this tactic as well. i might still use it occasionally. >> scream until daddy stops. >> somebody's going to have to explain that to me afterwards. >> like you want ice cream?
2:32 am
>> we all scream for ice cream? >> no, just keep screaming and eventually you'll get it. >> until dad stops the car. >> not that kind of daddy. >> that's hysterical. oh, my gosh, just one after another. killer! >> stop it. >> up next, a photo from betsy of rochester, new york. you couldn't have found another place to sit. >> thank you, sara. i can't wait till next week. coming up next, we're going across the street. >> another thing i look forward to on a weekly basis. who knew? >> how to flatter your figure after this.
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♪ and we're back on this wednesday ready to play our weekly trivia game we call "who knew?" the biggest night in hollywood is just a few days away.
2:37 am
it's time to test your knowledge with oscar trivia. kathie lee is across the street at the nbc experience store. she's ready to hand out $100 to those who get the question right. and to those who don't, a cd. that's good news. are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> who is the host of this year's oscars? eddie murphy? billy crystal? chris rock or anne hathaway? >> i'm going to have to go with billy crystal. >> you're going to have to go because it's right. >> billy crystal. i haven't seen much of him out there on the publicity front. >> no, he's been very low-key. this is his ninth time hosting. he holds the second most hosted record after bob hope who did it 18 times. i always love when he embeds himself into the movies and sings about the movies. that's a lot of fun. >> he's great. i like his opening usually. back across the street. >> a study found that compared to the loser, whatever that means, married women who received the oscar for best
2:38 am
actress were 63% more likely to do which of the following? cry onstage? thank their husbands? have children? or get a divorce? >> ooh. can i ask a family member? >> yeah. >> what do you think? >> we have very little time here. >> cry on stage. >> wrong. don't rely on your children for anything, i've discovered, in life, really. here you go. >> the correct answer is kind of a shocker. they are more likely to get a divorce. >> isn't that crazy? there was actually a study that found that. if you look at some of the recent winners, sandra bullock, kate winslet, halle berry, hilary swank, they all win the oscar and then a few months or a year later, they get a divorce. a study found the husbands can't handle the women becoming so famous and successful. >> they're jealous of oscar. >> the men, there's no divorce rate correlation. >> because we like them to do well. >> so if you win, you have to sell your oscar on ebay to save your marriage. >> back across the street. >> sad. you said you're from braintree,
2:39 am
massachusetts, all right? which one of the following classic movies has not won the oscar for best picture? titanic? the sound of music? citizen kane or rocky. gosh, you're so young, i don't think you'll know this one. surprise us. >> can i ask my mom? >> sure. >> "citizen kane"? >> see, ask your mother. that's exactly what you do. >> we're getting it now. "citizen kane." surprising. >> people consider that one of the best movies made of all time. in 1942 it was nominated for nine oscars, it only won for the screenplay. "how green is my valley" won. >> back across to cath. >> from connecticut, what did george clooney bring with him to the 2010 oscar ceremony? his dad? a flask? binoculars or earplugs? >> it was his dad. >> boy, and she thought she knew. and how embarrassing. to be so sure and then to be proven wrong. no, it was his flask.
2:40 am
>> his flask. >> i love him. >> so he brought a flask. >> and he showed it to the reporters on the red carpet. but what people don't remember about the oscars, it's a really long ceremony. it's over three hours. unlike "the golden globes," there's no alcohol. i really like he did a good thing. >> he brought his own. back across. >> from duluth, minnesota, which of these films received the most oscar nominations this year? "the help"? harry potter? hugo? or the descendants? >> what do you think? "the help"? >> see, she listened to her child and lost again, i'm so sorry about this, really. >> the correct answer there is "hugo." >> the martin scorsese movie about the boy that lives in a train station got 11 nominations. "the artist" got ten nominations. people think that's going to win it. "harry potter" has never been nominated for best picture. most successful film franchise of all time. >> surprising. >> the academy does not like that movie. >> time for one more. >> from lake george, new york.
2:41 am
how many people work as seat-fillers on oscars night? >> 220? >> yes. good for you. >> wow, nice. so 220 people. >> 220 people. so you actually have to be related to someone in the academy, or you have to be an accountant or a lawyer. even when it comes to seat-fillers, there's nepotism in hollywood. you have to work for the academy. it's not just regular people. >> thanks so much. >> sure. coming up next, donny deutsch answers your guy questions. and then the fashions that flatter your figure and make you look every single part of your body. kathie lee is coming back across the street. we know a place where tossing and turning have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities
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while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions, such as tongue or throat swelling, occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness and morning drowsiness. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. then get lunesta for $0 at there's a land of restful sleep. we can help you go there on the wings of lunesta.
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there are times when you wonder what's going on inside your guy's head. >> or you try and rationalize what he was thinking when he made some sort of a decision. >> well, you're not alone. some of you may have questions, and we have the man who can answer them.
2:46 am
>> we have donny deutsch. the deutsche man. ♪ donny donny deutsch man." okay, sara. >> our question first is from judith. i've been dating a guy a little over four months. after three dates i could tell i was falling in love. when i asked him about his feelings, he said he did not feel the same way. we have a great time when we're together. as time goes on, will he feel the same for me or should i move on? >> mistake number one, after a third date, don't ask a man about his feelings. >> ooh, yeah. >> just don't say what are you feeling. at some point into the relationship, you could say that. and the good news, he was honest with you. now, if he said to you, look, i don't feel this way about you, i don't think i ever will. that's one thing. if he said hey, it's only been three dates, i'm not sure. that's an honest response. don't ask a man early on, how are you feeling? where is this going? not a good thing. >> also you don't know well enough to know if he's telling you the truth or not. >> i might do a little time-out and step out. i don't know after three dates. i know there's love at first sight. >> be mysterious. men like a little mystery.
2:47 am
>> we like a lot of mystery. >> our next question is from sheila. how do i get my man to take me seriously when i try to talk to him about my needs? >> first of all, the word "needs," it's an abstract -- who wants to deal with needs? but you have specific things that are important to you. and so you have to choose, as a woman, or a man it's reverse, what are the things that are really critical? him saying he loves you once a week. in other words, a man is not there to meet your needs. and vice versa. a man is there to be respectful of what's important to you and be cognizant of it. so separate those two things. i sound smart today. >> what's going on? >> who are you? >> what happened to you? are you in love? >> no. the more time i spend being a daddy, the more you elevate yourself. it's interesting. that is what's happening to me. i find things coming out of my mouth now. you have daughters, it changes everything. >> that's great. >> what's next? >> from mandy, my fiance is private about his past.
2:48 am
i know enough not to be suspicious, but why is he so private? >> by the way, a past is who you are. so there's nothing -- and by the way, in this world right now, it's not -- i don't mean to be a detective, it's not hard to find out. but by the way, i always, early on, like tell me about your last husband. so if he's being private about his past, there's a reason. that's not a good sign. because your past is who you are. you should be very open about where you're from, who you've been with. that's just life. by the way, i'm always suspect of a girl, on a first date, i've never googled you. i know nothing about you. that's the person i know has been studying me for two hours. >> or me because i know nothing about it. >> you are rare in every way. >> oh. let's move on to the next one. i like that one. >> next from beatrice. my man seems to have little patience with conversations which he doesn't agree with my opinion. he literally shuts down, little things such as meal choices, clothing styles.
2:49 am
my opinion is, is it okay to agree to disagree? >> you said the key thing. little things. don't even bother. by the way, if you guys like different meals, like don't even get into those conversations. >> isn't there something strange about this guy who's turning everything off? >> maybe he's somebody who doesn't like conflict. it doesn't mean he doesn't love you. save your arguments for things that matter. you're bringing back -- these aren't really fry boots but in that direction. this is the official coming back of fry boots. >> and 10-year-old roberto cavallis. we're very retro. >> no, you're very rare. >> that's working for me. spring is all about style, i told you. >> is it? >> you think you might have. i think you have none. you know, other people disagree. and then never have another bad hair day again. the tools that are going to help you with the perfect curls right after this. [ male announcer ] when do you take 5-hour energy?
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when i'm on the night shift. when they have more energy than i do. when i don't feel like working out. when there isn't enough of me to go around. ♪ when i have school. and work. every morning. it's faster and easier than coffee. every afternoon when that 2:30 feeling hits. -every day. -every day. every day is a 5-hour energy day. [ male announcer ] 5-hour energy. every day. ♪ $5 ♪ $5 footlong [ male announcer ] now through the 29th, get any regular footlong™ as a $5 footlong™! hurry in! subway. eat fresh®.
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if it's your hips that you think are less than hot or a bum that you believe is a bit too big, we've got some ways to flatter your figure problems with some great fashions. >> and if you're an "instyle" magazine fan, you'll love what we're about to show you. she is the magazine's fashion features editor. hey, isabel, how are you? we all have problem areas. it's nice just to throw on a nice outfit and kind of erase them. >> sure. you want to emphasize the areas you do love and play up your assets. >> maximize those assets, baby. >> if one of the issues is a shorter leg, and we have sky coming out, tell us what's the right thing to do here. >> so if you do have a shorter leg -- and she's got a great pair of legs -- you want to start with a skirt that's high-wasted. this gives you the illusion that the legs start higher than they actually do. >> i love that skirt. >> it's a cute, flouncy skirt. keep it in the same skin tone or if you're wearing tights to create a long, continuous line. you absolutely want to wear a
2:55 am
pair of nude heels. this adds another three inches. the illusion of three inches. >> so what's a no-no? >> you don't want to wear midi skirts or mid-calf-length skirts. you don't want to disrupt that line. same with ankle straps. don't want to disrupt that line. >> thank you. if you have a full derrierre. come on out. so what should you do? >> she's got a great posterior. >> yes, she does. >> a la kim kardashian. >> it's right up there. >> you know, it may seem counterintuitive, but you actually want to expose the area with a lot of coverage. you want to make sure that it's a continuous line. you don't want to add bulk with bulky pockets or a lot of embellishment on the back side, but you do want a trouser cut that's fitted, keep your shirt tucked in and the proportion and you see the difference where the waist comes in and where the curves start. >> thanks, mia.
2:56 am
so if hips are an issue, carmela's coming out to show us. hi. hello. >> she looks like she's on "mad men." she looks fantastic. >> exactly. so we're playing up the retro silhouette that a great pair of hipsan provide. >> and most men actually like that. >> it's a very sexy hourglass figure. you know, we've tapped into two big trends which is the pencil skirt. this is ideal for accentuating your hips. we've done it in a print which further draws the eyes to that area. and then we have a peplum top which is very retro and we've belted it. >> again, the nude shoe. >> and the nude shoe for length. >> very good, isabel. >> let's bring out ms. bernadette. we're talking full chest here. >> she's not quite a shayla, but she's got it going on. >> yes, she does. >> to really play up your bust area, you know, you don't want to overendow it with ruffles or embellishment.
2:57 am
you want to streamline it. you do want a v-neck. you want to open up the area. you might think oh, i want to cover up, but actually, that creates bulk. so you want to have the beautiful v-neck silhouette. you want to support with material in the shoulders and have a great bra on. and then the wrap dress creates the silhouette with the waist. again, it's about defining those proportions between the waist where it comes in and where you you have -- >> because even if you've got beautiful bosom, you can tend to look matronly if you're not careful. everybody looks gorgeous. thanks, isabel. good to see you again. up next, now that you've got the wardrobe down, it's time to conquer the curl. first, this is "today" on nbc.
2:58 am
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3:00 am
have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, i just don't know what to do with my hair? >> never. all right. well, why not put a little curl in your coif? there are so many fun ways to do it, and beauty expert grace gold is here to help you get the perfect amount of bounce. good to see you. >> thank you. >> you've got some less expensive and more expensive options for each one of these we're going to talk about. >> i do. and each of these curlers, they give you a little different look. >> first of all, you have a glove on your hand. >> so not to burn yourself, right?
3:01 am
>> talk about that curling iron you have. >> this is the clampless. this is the big trend right now. everybody's using these. but you do need a little michael jackson action with the glove. >> okay. >> you're going to burn. >> and the irons do usually come with a glove. our budget version is the pro tools. it's $29.99. it works great. and chi makes them in different sizes. >> will you show us how it works? there's no clamp. you actually use your hand on it? >> so you're going to take a section. you hold it down. you spiral around. >> and that works until you get to the end. then you hold it. >> this is why you need the glove or else it's not going to end well for you. and you get an s-shaped wave. >> very nice. a lot of people use the traditional hot curlers. >> yes, hot rollers are great if you're intimidated by the tools. because this does all the work for you. >> okay. >> and in the drugstore, really nobody does it better than conair. $18.99, you get a whole set. this one is by remington. it's from target, $45.
3:02 am
yes. and they come with clips. >> do they also come in bigger sizes as well? >> they do come in different sizes, yes. and the clips, if you're going to do this, use the clips because it makes it so much easier. >> and they don't leave a mark. >> you just take them out just like that. and then run your fingers through them. >> should you let it cool before you do the running of the fingers? >> yes. it takes about 15 minutes. you need it cool for sure. margot's got this beautiful look. it gives you touselled, soft curl. >> what would you do with yourself? >> you saw. >> you can curl with a flat iron. it needs to have a rounded edge if you're going to do that. and our budget buy here is a brand called cricket. it's $49. all of the bells and whistles of the $200 irons. and this one that we've used on lany, this is the fhi heat. this is my personal favorite. this is the move, okay? and practice on a cold iron
3:03 am
first. until you feel confident enough. you close up, under. >> oh. >> turn once. >> oh, dear. >> oh, no. i'm scared. >> pull it down. it's like curling ribbon with a scissor. >> okay. >> and look at that. you get gorgeous curl. >> a little less than a minute. careful, it's hot. >> careful. >> and this last one, bobbie thomas talked about. >> this is the traditional curling iron. it gives you a circular curl. >> except it does the work. >> it does all the work for you. our budget buy is conair, $15 at the drugstore. >> while we say good-bye, show us how this works. tomorrow he have a big show. nick jonas is coming. >> and sinead o'connor. i hope she's going to sing for us. >> look what happens. >> magic. and can you really curb your sweet tooth? >> we'll have all the answers. >> have a great winesday wednesday and national margarita day. tomorrow we'll see you for thirsty thursday. >> exactly. i love the hair.
3:04 am
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